Giving Back

Architectural Design Studios is committed to giving back to the Palm Beach County community through philanthropy to provide opportunities for those who are suffering. By supporting our vast network of friends, family members and clientele, we aim to make Palm Beach County a place where families can thrive. We believe that every person in our community has the right to a safe and happy life, and through charitable work, we are able to make this vision a reality.

As a community focused company, we strive to make a true difference in the lives of those around us. That is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. Place of Hope is a faith based organization that caters to those less fortunate to protect families around the country. This licensed organization provides foster care in the family style, as well as maternity care, intervention and outreach, protection for those who have suffered sex trafficking, recruitment and support for foster care and options for support and transitional housing to displaced families in Palm Beach County. The organization also provides comprehensive support for traumatized families and children who have suffered neglect or abuse.

When you partner with Architectural Design Studios, you are supporting a business that is committed to giving back. It is our goal to help our local community grow in health and prosperity. We believe that it is through our dedication to these goals that we can truly make a difference in the lives of those around us, and we are excited to have you on this journey with us. We thank you for your ongoing support from the bottom of our hearts.